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1- Fill your profile

Subscribe and fill your profile. Upload some photos and tell us about yourself.

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2- Choose your event

Come to the evening meeting and find new 10 pleasant persons.

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3- Talk with pleasure

Enjoy a 7 minutes conversation. When the time expires, the sides change.

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4- Play love

Take notes during the meeting and rate later those who you like more.

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5- Find out sympathy

Get notifications of the mutual sympathies and get ready for meeting them


6- Meet your match

Just call the person with whom you have coincided sympathy and plan the next meeting together.

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Why you should speeddate

You don't have free time

You don't trust dating sites or disappointed by them

You don't know where to meet

You lost bunch of money and time on hopeless meetings

10-15 interesting meetings for just 1 night. Each meeting at 7 minutes - enough time to decide on sympathy

Real people and have a specific purpose - to meet you! There is no virtual companions

Meeting in cozy places in the heart of the city, creating comfortable atmosphere for easy dialogue

We guarantee no strangers at our events

We respect our members' privacy

Minimum cost - Maximum result

Your partner is waiting somewhere

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